Photos and videos from the 2014 Nightingale Conference

We are happy to report that we had almost 100 participants in the audience.

1. the audience

The program started with three Roma girlsmentor children from Rosengårdschool in Malmö, who opened the proceedings by singing a Roma song. You can watch a video of it here.

2. Ayat, Nor o Ledarda

Then the manager of the Nightingale mentoring network, Carina, welcomed all to the conference. The Pro Vice-Chancellor from Malmö University also welcomed everyone to Malmö University. You can watch a video of it here.

3. Carina jpg 4. Cecilia pg

The first keynote speaker was Mats Trondman (you can watch a video of it here) and the second keynote speaker was Concetta Cultrera (video here and get the powerpoint presentation here).

5. M Trondman g Concetta Cultrera g

In between the first two keynote speakers pause a mentor from the Nightingale program in Malmö played violin. You can watch a video of it here.

7. Poiesh jpg
After lunch 3 different workshops were held:

  1. Concerned the EU project Formula were students from Malmö University have been mentoring young refugees. You can watch a video extract of it here and download a Powerpoint presentation here.
    workshop 2
  2. Concerned former mentor children, now grown up. One of them have also been a mentor. You can watch a video of it here.
    workshop 1
  3. Concerned a lecture ”Nightingale – relations with possibilities”. Watch the video here.
    Workshop 3

Laid Bouakaz, senior lecture and researcher summarised the conference, after the workshops. You can watch a video of it here.

6. Laid jpg

And just in case you want to watch all the videos from the event here is our dedicated Youtube playlist.

The Nightingale 5th Annual Conference in Malmö

Save the date: 24th of October 2014

“Mentoring for Social Sustainability“

A Brief Introduction:
The Europe 2020 Strategy “The Social Investment Package” seeks to promote social investment to prevent exclusion of vulnerable groups and to ensure their participation in society.
Obviously we need to focus on investment in human capital, create bonds, good relations and social cohesion in order to be able to create a social sustainable society. But how?

One way might be to let people meet via mentoring and in doing so traverse generation gaps and social boundaries. At Malmö University students act as mentors for children aged from 8 to 12 years old in the Näktergalen (Nightingale) mentoring programmeSince the programme started in 1997 more than 2500 mentors and children have participated in the programme. Children who once had mentors themselves, are now active as mentors whilst studying  at Malmö University.

Within Näktergalen mentoring program me there are also other target groups involved: refugees, youths and seniors. Could mentoring be a way forward  to people having the support they need to succeed in school, work and life?

Around Europe more than 1000 pairs meet in Nightingale’s different 25 national and international programmes, all of which are included in the Nightingale mentoring network. The Nightingale mentoring network annually hosts a mentoring conference. This year’s conference will be held in Malmö.

bridge drawing3 rigid-01

Keynote Speakers:
We are honoured to have two interesting and reputable keynote speakers at this year’s conference:

  • Dr.  Lieve Fransen MD PhD  will talk about the “The Social Investment package”, how social investment can be a key to preventing exclusion of vulnerable groups in our society.
  •  Dr. Mats Trondman PhD will talk about patterns of interaction between adult and child/youth and the question of identity.

For more detailed information on our keynote speakers click here.

Discussions & Topics:
The programme will also involve “round table discussions” on the beneficial nature of mentoring different target groups. O
ne of these concerns the EU FORMULA project, through which students from Malmö University have been mentoring young refugees who have come to Sweden without any relatives.
For more detailed information on our programme click here.

Networking Opportunities:
At the Conference there will also be
 crucial networking opportunities for people who are interested in further developing or starting mentoring programmes.

For further information on who should attend, early bird tickets, and how to register click on this link.